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unbounded, infinite care


July, 2020
SUMACURAE is a word i coined via latin word SUMMA + CURAE meaning boundless, indefinite care. its the intention i have for this show, for life, for love. Leighah and i started planning in May to gather our writing communities for a show in June for "pride" month. when GeorgeFloyd was murdered so much changed... as a #community we all took on #pridewrath. of course i was mourning, and in pits. we were super focused on direct #tangible ways to care for #Black family.

a 2-day performance series featuring performance-writers and artists  - July 11 & 12, 2-4pm EST.
Event held on end-to-end encrypted jisti, link is

$8000 in funds were raised and redistributed
1) directly to the Black performers participating
2) to @forthegworls & @queertheland, both BLACK LGBTQIA orgs.

saturday readers

Maud @daintyfunk

Khadija Carr @khadija.jahmila 

Proxy @ms.proxy

Carolina Meurkens

MANIIK @baby.gamelan

 Rachel Kim
Mayah Lovell @mayahalovell_art
Suzie Doogan @ennaseazudoonag   Olivia  Braley @OliviaBraley

sunday readers

Medkes Sisay @mekdibaby

Nenna Amuchie @theafrolegalise

Fabiola Ching @hermetic_state

Dorian Blue @thedorianblue

Belly Shin @themonstrations
Michelle Luong @mershe11y
Tara Gupta @tara.raani
Cleo Abramian @hair_mouth
Leighah Scully @LRScully
Sybil M @its_sybil_bxtch


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