Mayah Lovell is a black lesbian latinx from suburban-area D.C. Her artistry roots in Caribbean transcendence beside Black queer ancestors and awakens by practice in fantasy, neo-erotix, and ritualism. She is a first generation descendant of Caribbean servitude–her  matriarchal lineage is birthed in “Canal Zone,” originally Rainbow City, Panamá by way of Barbados; and her patriarchal lineage is birthed in Kingston, Jamaica. It is in Caribbean knowledge where she learned the wisdom of redemption, abolition, and survival in spirituality.

Mayah is a graduate student for a Masters of Science in Individualized Genomics at Johns Hopkins and is a researcher in Immunology. Her artistic studies work to question the misunderstood, inquire about the tangibility of psychological relationships, and utilize techniques that involve the body and its ethers. Her work therefore requires a conglomerate of mediums which are synthesized by cultivating essence through mixed medium—natural, visual, sound, performative, and text.

The multidimensional planes of her work, in addition to intersecting abstract and realism techniques reveals the fluidity, power, and vulnerability of lesbianism.  She has exhibited and performed prose art in Connecticut, Philly, Baltimore, and D.C. Her writing lives in places like Peach Fuzz Mag, Coven Poetry, Stone of Madness Press, etc.

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